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About us

Who we are?

My name is Frank and I love to do business! And my name is Chelsea and I love to do something with me creativity. By combining our strengts we started Join Us at the end of 2016. We wanted to start something where we could both do what we love. Besides that we wanted to do something for other people.  Thats why Join Us is not just a brand, It is way more than that! Join Us stands for equality. We think it is very important that everybody is also treated equally. Thats why our slogan is “Be yourself, accept others”. By working together and using each others strengts you can accomplish bigger goals.  And that is just what we are about to do!

“Be yourself, accept others”

What do we want?

We want everyone to have a voice. We want to motivate people to be themselves and chase their goals. Why wouldn’t you do something, wear something or say something you really want? Maybe because you are afraid people will react odd on you? Well, just do what you want! Because that’s what makes you unique! Do you want painting stains on your clothing or do you like to have it ripped? Just go for it! Do whatever you like and walk your own path in life!