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Normally we always have sufficient stock of all our clothing. If the situation occurs that a specific article is not in stock anymore or that your specific size is not available, please contact us by E-mail or trough social media. One of our employees will help you out as soon as possible.


We will do everything within our power to make sure your order will be delivered as soon as possible. Shipping within the Netherlands will be delivered in 2-3 days. International shipping might take between 4 and 15 days.


Join Us will give you warranty on all your clothing. If something is wrong with the clothing, please contact us first. Try to send us a message by E-mail or social media and attach some pictures that show the problem. Together we will find a suitable solution.

It is very important that you wash all your clothing inside out. This is to protect all printing on the clothing. We do not give any kind of warranty on normal wear of the clothing.


Join Us cares for nature. That is why we would ask you not just to return something. Please contact us first. Together we will find a suitable sollution to take care of your problem.